Is Intuitive Eating Becoming Trendy?

Intuitive eating has definitely become a buzzword lately. I know that I talk to my husband all the time about it because it’s related to my field of work and it’s something that I talk to my clients about daily. When he tells people what I do for a living, he always throws in that I believe in intuitive eating and I give him a ton of bonus points for that. However, the other day he said that intuitive eating was trendy and I just about lost it. In my mind I thought, “Trendy?! Intuitive eating isn’t trendy; diets are trendy.”


But, then I thought about it a bit more and I realized, I guess it is becoming trendy, and that’s really not a bad thing. It’s actually a good thing because the more trendy it becomes, the more people we can reach and the more people we can help. Studies show that intuitive eating is associated with greater body appreciation and satisfaction, positive emotional satisfaction, greater life satisfaction, unconditional self-regard and optimism, psychological hardiness, and greater motivation to exercise when focus is on enjoyment rather than guilt or appearance. So, if people think intuitive eating is trendy, and it’s helping people reach these amazing outcomes…then let it be trendy!



Personally, I’d really like to think of intuitive eating as a movement.  I believe that intuitive eating is the movement for society to finally obliterate diet culture and heal from years of deprivation.  Intuitive eating is eating based on our hunger and fullness cues, which we are all inherently born able to do.  It’s about going back to life before diets and restriction. If you want to think of intuitive eating as trendy, then be my guest. But, intuitive eating will not fail you like diets will. You simply cannot fail when you are listening and responding to your body’s needs. 

Kelly Miller