About Happy Food RD


Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to The Happy Food RD, a blog devoted to helping foster healthy relationships with food. I’m Kelly Scott, an anti-diet registered dietitian. My philosophy is that all foods fit and I encourage health at every size. I believe that cutting out food groups is not only incredibly detrimental for your body, but also your mental health. And, I believe that chocolate is just as important as vegetables.


After graduating from UNC-Asheville with degrees in Health and Wellness and Psychology, I went to Winthrop University to complete my graduate degree in Human Nutrition and dietetic internship. From there, I worked in long-term care for a little bit and then decided to follow my passion. I put in my two weeks notice and then landed my dream job! I currently work at an eating disorder treatment facility where I’m able to help adolescents and adults make peace with both food and their bodies.


In my free time you’ll likely find me spending time with my Husband, our cat and three dogs. Yep, it’s a zoo! I also love decorating, cleaning the house, and being a Netflix bum.


If you want some direction with eating more intuitively and improving your own relationship with food, I’d love to help!


-Kelly Scott, MS, RD, LDN