Happy Food RD


 I specialize in helping individuals recover from eating disorders, disordered eating, and any negative relationships with food. Even if you do not have a diagnosed eating disorder, but struggle with eating in some way, then I truly believe that you deserve support. I always work alongside my clients to assist them to develop goals based on their readiness and comfort level. While utilizing a Health at Every Size and body positive approach, I focus on changing behaviors rather than numbers and weight. I do not believe in “good” and “bad” foods, diets, or focusing on weight as a determinant of health. Instead, I believe that we should strive to eat intuitively based on hunger and fullness cues and honor our desires. Whether it is the thought of a certain food(s) that scares you, or you need support accepting more of a variety of foods, I can provide knowledge and encouragement for you to overcome it. Here at Happy Food RD, I strive to help any and every individual who wants to better their relationships with food and make peace with their bodies.